Elite Daily features The Unwritten Law


Elite Daily calls The Unwritten Law 

"a gut-wrenching, eye-watering, smile-inducing 60 minutes of deeply personal storytelling."

Written and Performed by Chesney Snow The Unwritten Law was Directed and Choreographed by Rebecca Arends with music by AJ Khaw and Varuni Tiruchelvham, Lighting design by Ro-Z Edelston, and visual projection by Emre Emergil. Featuring dancers Maleek Washington and Rebecca Arends.

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The Unwritten Law enjoys a sold-out premiere at Dixon Place in New York City

The Unwritten Law presented by SnowAngel Productions, Raredancework, & Dixon Place. The workshop premiere at off-off Broadway's legendary Dixon Place was sold-out.  We are currently developing a late summer 2017 production. 

for more information on The Unwritten Law email bookchesney@gmail.com 

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Dixon Place premiere of The Unwritten Law

Premiering January 30th 2017 at Dixon Place New York City 

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The Unwritten Law weaves a Black American family’s 100 year narrative with contemporary dance, live music, drama, visual projection and poetic storytelling detailing the family’s love, resilience and survival. Examining true and poignant stories that bring to life the vivid characters that helped shape Snow’s life, the work simultaneously draws parallels between the early 20th century Jim Crow South and the current reality of the New Jim Crow. Snow presents his journey from the legacy of incarceration to fatherhood, from homelessness to Harvard University, to ultimately starring on the Broadway stage.